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Grandma Lyon
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Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA

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City/Town : Latitude: 41.6116666666667, Longitude: -93.885


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK, Charlie Chester  31 Dec 1910Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I48 TGNGEDCOM 
2 COOK, George Laurence  1 Jul 1900Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I42 TGNGEDCOM 
3 COOK, Howard Stevens  20 Mar 1904Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I44 TGNGEDCOM 
4 COOK, Martelle Marie  23 Aug 1909Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I47 TGNGEDCOM 
5 COOK, Mildred Oneta  11 Nov 1905Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I45 TGNGEDCOM 
6 COOK, Opal Madeline  6 Sep 1902Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I43 TGNGEDCOM 
7 COWGER, Sheldon Ulyses  16 May 1919Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I207 TGNGEDCOM 
8 COWGER, Taylor U.  16 Jan 1899Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I206 TGNGEDCOM 
9 LEONARD, N. M.  7 May 1870Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I808 TGNGEDCOM 
10 LONGMIRE, Alfred J.  22 Aug 1902Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I794 TGNGEDCOM 
11 LONGMIRE, Clara K.  2 Mar 1912Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I797 TGNGEDCOM 
12 LONGMIRE, Mary Lue  17 Aug 1905Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I795 TGNGEDCOM 
13 LONGMIRE, Mortin J.  19 Jan 1907Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I796 TGNGEDCOM 
14 MANDERS, Ralph  16 Mar 1896Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I778 TGNGEDCOM 
15 SNYDER, Philip Randolph  8 Aug 1939Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I189 TGNGEDCOM 
16 SNYDER, Shirley Marie  29 Jun 1938Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I188 TGNGEDCOM 
17 STUMP, Agnes Geneveive  24 Dec 1911Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I120 TGNGEDCOM 
18 STUMP, Edith Evelyn  16 Feb 1914Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I157 TGNGEDCOM 
19 STUMP, Fleat Riley  25 May 1880Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I114 TGNGEDCOM 
20 STUMP, Hellen Louise  11 Dec 1909Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I119 TGNGEDCOM 
21 STUMP, Marguerite Marie  11 Oct 1907Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I118 TGNGEDCOM 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK, Vera Melissa  10 Feb 1919Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I112 TGNGEDCOM 
2 MULLINS, Ivy  29 Jan 1895Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I111 TGNGEDCOM 
3 STUMP, Fleat Riley  3 Dec 1934Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I114 TGNGEDCOM 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK, John Wesley  Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I16 TGNGEDCOM 
2 COOK, Vera Melissa  Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I112 TGNGEDCOM 
3 LONGMIRE, Mary Ada  Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I35 TGNGEDCOM 
4 LYON, Berniece Louise  Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I17 TGNGEDCOM 
5 SNYDER, Paul Randolph  Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I181 TGNGEDCOM 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK, Charles Campbell  20 Oct 1897Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I34 TGNGEDCOM 
2 COOK, Lucille Helen  16 Jan 1918Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I41 TGNGEDCOM 
3 COOK, Mamie Greta  28 Feb 1909Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I113 TGNGEDCOM 
4 COOK, Opal Madeline  29 Jun 1922Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I43 TGNGEDCOM 
5 COWGER, Taylor U.  16 Jan 1918Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I206 TGNGEDCOM 
6 LEONARD, N. M.  12 Mar 1933Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I808 TGNGEDCOM 
7 LONGMIRE, Mary Ada  20 Oct 1897Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I35 TGNGEDCOM 
8 LONGMIRE, Viola  12 Mar 1933Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I791 TGNGEDCOM 
9 MANDERS, Ralph  20 Dec 1919Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I778 TGNGEDCOM 
10 MERICAL, Josie  20 Dec 1919Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I762 TGNGEDCOM 
11 SHOEMAN, Robert Martin  28 Feb 1909Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I115 TGNGEDCOM 
12 SNYDER, Paul Randolph  29 Jun 1922Waukee, Dallas, Iowa, USA I181 TGNGEDCOM 

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